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Early Learning

UEN K-2 Math Activities
Let’s Count Robots
Sesame Street Games
Which Comes Next? 

Addition and Subtraction

UEN 3-6 Math Activities
A+ Math
AAA Math
Addition Flashcards
Batter’s Up Baseball
Count Hoot
Math for Kids
Math Journey
Math Magician – Addition
Math Magician – Subtraction
Number Time
Subtraction Flashcards

Multiplication and Division

UEN 3-6 Math Activities
AAA Math
Batter’s Up Baseball
Division Flashcards
Farm Stand
Interactive Games at
Lemonade Larry
Math Baseball
Math for Kids
Multiplication Facts Review
Multiplication Flashcards

General Math Resources

A+ Math
AAA Math
Cyberchase Game Central
Figure This! Math Challenges
IXL Math Practice Site
Johnnie’s Math Page
Math for Kids
Math Hunt
Prodigy Math Game
Roz’s Math-a-rama 
TumbleTown Tales


UEN 3-6 Math Activities
Visual Fractions
Who Wants Pizza?  A Fun Way to Learn About Fractions


UEN 3-6 Math Activities
Golf Tee-off


UEN 3-6 Math Activities
Learn to Measure
Measure It!
The Ruler Game


UEN 3-6 Math Activities
Change Maker
Coin Combo
Counting Money
Discovering Coin Value
Let’s Compare

Number and Number Sense

UEN 3-6 Math Activities
Count Us In
Comparing Numbers


Crack Hacker’s Safe

Place Value

UEN 3-6 Math Activities
Dino Place Value
Manny’s Rumba

Probability and Statistics

UEN 3-6 Math Activities
Create a Graph
Probability Circus


UEN 3-6 Math Activities
Rounding to the Nearest Ten
The Seashell Rounding Activity Page


UEN 3-6 Math Activities
Bang the Clock
Create-a-Reader Telling Time
Discovering Elapsed Time
Education 4 Kids: Math
Elapsed Time
Teaching Time 
Telling Time
What Time Is It?

District Math Website (Elementary)
Homework Help
Math Expressions Online Website
Reflex Math (login for math facts practice)
Khan Academy Website
Cool Math Games Website
Fun 4 the Brain Website

Turtle Diary Website
Arcademic Skill Builder Website

UEN Interactive Website


Article:Kids’ brains reorganize when learning math skills