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Principal’s Message

Increasing our children’s vocabulary is an important aspect to their learning. Having a rich vocabulary gives your child the ability to communicate effectively and explicitly what he or she feels or means. It also allows your child to understand what other people are saying or what he/she is reading. A good vocabulary helps children to grasp ideas and think logically as they are better able to interpret ideas from others and express their own ideas.

At Riverside, we are striving to help our students increase their vocabularies, and thus improve their learning. We are in our second year of introducing a Word of the Week. Each day of the week, we learn about a specific word and how to use it. Students practice the words throughout the week and on throughout the year. The adults also use these words. Our goal is to help these new words become part of each student’s vocabulary.

You can help your child increase his or her vocabulary at home, too! Encourage your child to READ!! Ask questions about what they read. Engage in conversations with your child and encourage them to converse with others. Help them learn to put thoughts and feelings into words by asking questions. You may want to throw “new” words into your conversations so your child’s exposure to new words grows. There are lots of “word games” you can play as well.

Thanks for sharing your wonderful children with us!

DLI Parent Meeting

We are holding an informational DLI Parent Meeting on Tuesday, February 13, 2018. This meeting is primarily for parents of current kindergarten students who are interested in placing their student in our Spanish Dual Language Immersion class for next year.


Spring Pictures

Spring Pictures will be on Tuesday, February 20, 2018. Picture order packets and information on ordering online will be coming soon!