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Student Safety

Student Safety & Reunification with Parents

What Parents Need to Know about School Emergencies and Reunification

In some emergency situations, students may be transported from school and sent to an evacuation site off campus. If that happens, parents need to know how to safely and calmly reunite with their children closely following directions established by the District, local police and firefighters. A safe and controlled reunification is essential in any evacuation.

Riverside Elementary
Reunification Plan

In the event of an emergency that requires us to reunify our students to their parents, please be aware of the following:

  1. In order to pick up your student, you must have a current picture ID AND a filled out Reunification Check-Out Card. ONLY those who are listed as having permission to pick up your child may do so—even in an emergency! Please keep your list of emergency contacts updated.
  1. We will communicate as much and often as the situation allows. Much of this communication will come in the form of Skylerts. We will also use the media to keep you abreast of the situation.
  1. Please do not come to the school to try to pick up your student until asked to do so. This will add congestion and confusion. Our desire is to reunify you and your children as quickly and efficiently as we can. Please cooperate with us so this process can run smoothly.
  1. We practice emergency drills at least monthly. We will send Skylert messages periodically to remind you of our reunification procedures, so you can be familiar with the process should it ever be necessary.
  1. We are constantly looking for ways to improve and keep our students safe. If you have concerns or suggestions, please feel free to make us aware by calling 801.565.7484, e-mailing (, or stopping by in person. Our best defense is to work together for the safety of our children.
  1. To learn more, please visit the Jordan District's Safety and Security webpage.