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LAND Trust

The School LAND Trust Program, established by the legislature in 1999, distributes the “annual dividend” from the permanent State School Fund through school districts to all public schools (including charter schools) in the state. School Community Councils, or Charter Trust Land Councils, in each school prepare a plan to address the greatest academic need with the dividend. Local School Boards approve the plans in the spring and schools with approved plans receive funding in the summer for the next school year. Plans for the upcoming school year and reports on expenditures and plan implementation are reviewed by local boards annually. Funding for the program flows through the district business administrators and goes through the same audit procedures as other school funding.

2017-18 Land Trust Plan

Land Trust Summary 2017-18

Riverside Elementary’s 2016-17 original goal was to decrease by 10% the number of students scoring below average in reading and math by having students attain an average of one year of growth by year-end. This was amended to increasing the number of students performing on or above grade level by 10%. Though the goals really measure the same thing, we wanted to focus on the positive growth rather than decreasing negative growth.

Progress was measured at the beginning of the year as well as the end of the year in both reading and math. Jordan District Benchmarks were used in both subject areas to measure overall growth, with many informal assessments throughout the year to guide teacher instruction.

Land Trust money was used to pay for assistants to help students with reading and math. Land Trust funds were also used for professional development for teachers, who in turn, trained the rest of the faculty on the things they learned. As a result, Riverside Elementary increased the number of students performing on or above grade level in Math by 55% (school average) as measured by the District Math Benchmark. We decreased the number of students reading below grade level by 51% (school average) as measured by the District Reading Benchmark.

We will continue to work hard toward the ultimate goal of having EVERY child perform on or above grade level in reading and math.