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Student Council

Our Riverside Student Leaders are AMAZING!  These students dedicate their time and energy to making Riverside and the world around them a better place.

Our Student Leaders are expected to attend two meetings per month during school and are responsible to make up any missed class work.  Students have leadership training, make posters for the Leadership Habit of the month, and plan the activity for the Habit of the month. Past activities have included in-class small group presentations, fundraisers for charitable causes and an outdoor recess activity with different stations to teach about the 7+1 Habits of Highly Effective Kids.  Student Leaders are expected to exemplify respect and kindness in their interactions with other students and school staff members.

Our Student Leaders are chosen based on their applications (including a short essay), approval from previous and current year's teachers, approval from the Principal, and willingness to exemplify the 7+1 Habits.  In an effort to allow more leadership opportunities, Student Leaders may not be on the Morning News Crew or the Safety Patrol.  The number of students on Student Leadership Council varies with the year; students from 4-6th grades may serve on the Leadership Council.