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Parents & Students

Vision Statement

We envision Riverside Elementary as a school where...
●  Leaders are inspired one child at a time.
●  All stakeholders, including principal, faculty, parents, students, school board, legislators, businesses, etc. communicate and work together to improve student learning in a collaborative community.
●  Good is never good enough and teachers, parents, and students all continually strive to improve.
●  Communication, collaboration, connections, and contributions are common.
●  There is a strong vision and a sense of trust.
●  The system supports the vision.
●  Students feel safe and are respectful.
●  Good citizens abound.
●  Students can be taught to be responsible in their actions and how they treat others.
●  Students know how to learn –they possess the strategies and skills to learn.
●  All students are challenged and supported at their own level without frustration.
●  There is a risk free environment where students will feel comfortable in trying out their educational ideas.
●  Teachers and students respect and address the differences in individuals.
●  Every classroom is inviting to parents and all parents respond by volunteering at least one time a year.
●  Highly involved, informed, and aware parents know teacher expectations and their students’ progress.
●  Riverside Elementary becomes the School of Choice of our patrons and a thriving partnership exists between parents, teachers, school, and students.